Secrets Of Winning Beauty Pageants (Pt. 3)

Secret Walk

Remember when I said earlier that as soon as you arrive at the Beauty Pageant all eyes are on you? So when you walk in the doors it has to be a confident secret pageant walk as well! Another TOP secret to winning beauty pageants is the walk!  The walk can tell everything about you!

You don’t have to do a Pageant walk or Runway walk until you get on the stage, but your posture and walk in general should be strong and straight. In other words, try not to walk in the doors like your tired or you’ve just rolled out of bed! 🙂 (smile)

Even while you are walking around the Pageant location, whether it’s a mall or hotel, remember you are being watched. Walk with energy.

When you get on stage in front of the judges and/or an audience, this is your time to shine!  Do your pageant walk.  Many Local Preliminary Beauty Pageants give you a guide on the floor to show you where to walk and turn.

Their usually marked with X’s with tape. Many times there are 3 of them (sometimes just 1), one on the right side of the stage, one on the left side of the stage and one at the front or center of the stage closer to the judges.

My advice would be to follow the X’s on the stage and use them to do your turns. You should not get on the stage and makeup your walking routine as you go along. The X’s are their to guide you so please use them. You’ll walk confidently to each X while looking at the judges.

You’ll stop on each X and then turn around so they can see the back of your gown. Don’t forget you are smiling with your mouth and your eyes (the other secret to winning beauty pageants) which brings out your bubbly personality and you’re looking directly at them the whole time and walking as confidently as you can!

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