Secrets Of Winning Beauty Pageants (Pt. 2)

Secret Eyes

You’re probably wondering what in the world does my eyes have to do with a Beauty Pageant! Believe it or not, Everything!

You’ve worked on your secret personality and being friendly and approachable, now let’s work on your secret eye contact.  Trust me, this is one of the TOP secrets to winning a beauty pageant.

Do you know that if you never look at the judges and are looking into outer space somewhere you can cost yourself the whole pageant?

Yes, you can! You should always want to make direct eye contact with the judges.

This shows them that you are confident and not afraid to look at them! Even if on the inside you are terrified, you don’t have to show it right? NO…the whole time you are on the stage you should be looking at the judges and smiling with your eyes

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