Secrets Of Winning Beauty Pageants (Pt. 1)

Your personality is crucial in the Pageant world and in the Local Modeling world. Why, well if you are not warm, friendly and outgoing then no one will want to get to know you, book you for jobs or even pay you for that matter!

As soon as you arrive at the Beauty Pageant location you are being watched! I’m not trying to scare you, but at this point all eyes will be on you.

From the check-in person at the desk, to the judges and even other contestants and their families. All eyes will be on you! This is your opportunity to shine! Even before you get on stage you want to wow anyone and everyone because you don’t know who’s a judge and who’s not.

Don’t get me wrong, you don’t want to be fake or phony, but you do want to spice up your smile and your attitude! Be very approachable. That means, make people want to talk to you. You do that by smiling and speaking to everyone you see. This helps you to loosen up even before you get on stage!

Beauty Pageants are similar to auditions, whoever presents themselves the best wins in many cases! Your bubbly and likable Secret personality will also help you to do well on your mini commercial, also known as your Introduction or your Bio about yourself.

Yes even at Local and Preliminary Beauty Pageants you’ll have to speak once you get on stage. The interview portion of the Pageant does not come until you attend a State or National Pageant in most pageants.

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