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Best Leadership and Performance Award: This award recognizes and rewards outstanding government Personality who has exhibited exceptional leadership in the area of governance in Transparency, social responsibility, sustainability and innovation.
Best Performance in State Governance: This award recognizes remarkable improvements in State performance in terms of increased efficiency, effectiveness, and operational as well as financial outcomes at the state level.
Outstanding Politician of the Year Award: This award honors an individual who has made a significant impact in promoting ethical values and impacting humanities Public Sector
Initiative/Programme:  The award recognizes excellent programs in the the public service sector, through programmes to improve quality productive services to the public. Best Public Sector
Reforms Programme:  The award recognizes excellence in public reform initiatives that has significantly improved the effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery Outstanding Personality in
Government Office: This award is presented to an outstanding public sector official who is a great advocate of transparency and social responsibility.
Award of Excellence in Women Leadership & Good Governance Award: Outstanding Federal Legislator in Service for Community development Male Outstanding Federal Legislator in Service for Community development female Outstanding State Legislator in Service for Community development Male Outstanding State Legislator in Service for Community development Female Outstanding Performance in Public Service for Community development Outstanding Performance in Public Service for Security , Peace keeping & Conflict resolution.
Leadership Award for Philanthropist:  This award honors individuals for excellence in the development of society through generosity and long-term commitment of time, expertise and financial or organizational support. Leadership Award for Corporate Sectors Award of Excellence in Youth Leadership & Role Model
Cooperate social responsibility Award: This award honors organization that have successfully integrated CSR issues into everyday practices including the quality, consistency, robustness and clarity of the CSR programmes and reporting. Nominees will also be judged on the overall understanding of the short and long-term role the organization plays in all the communities and environments in which it operates.
Award of sustainability Performance: This award recognizes organizations that have incorporated sustainable practices into its core strategic and operational activities and achieved positive growth in its existence.
NGO Philanthropy Award: This award recognizes nonprofit organization that has set best practice benchmarks in impacting social change.
Award for Women Empowerment: This award will be given to non-profit organization that has implemented programmes committed to women/girl child empowerment and promoting gender equality and economic improvements.
Welfare Award: This award recognizes non-profit organization that has made substantial contribution to the education and welfare of children
Best beauty queen of the year award:  This award is to honor a beauty queen who has done some projects and has impacted lives in the society.
Entrepreneur award: This award is to honor any individual or person who has been consistently striving to be entrepreneurial and industrial


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